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  1. More and more classmates

    March 23, 2007
    Since last year, more and more classmates came in Shanghai. He Yunjiao is the first, and went to Pudong far away from me. Meng Xiangrong is the second one and living in ZhangJiang High Tech Park, far away from me...
  2. Taking Exercise

    June 18, 2007
    Begin taking exercise today. After joining the job,  we can spare little time taking exercise so that we are worse and worse for our physical body. However, if we really want to spend some time doing this, we can do....
  3. Keep at It

    June 21, 2007
    I posted the last entry named Taking Exercise which told us I made a decision to take exercise since Monday, It is Thursday today, that means 3 days passed. What  have I done in the past 3 days? I am...
  4. About Taiguo Zhang

    March 16, 2007
    Welcome to my space! If you can read this page, I guess you already read at least article and interesting in me.About Tai Guo ZhangI am Tai Guo Zhang, Taiguo is my first name, and Zhang is my last name...

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