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  1. Prototype.js Finally Has Docuement

    January 19, 2007
    Prototype.js finally get some document! Congrats it. There is a little document on Prototype Javascript library before, now , good news for developers, a official website is launched. please visit http://prototypejs.org. It completes with a dedicated blog, feeds, tips, tutorials,...
  2. Several words

    January 30, 2007
    106    million 109    milliard 1012  billion 1018  trillion 1024  quadrillion 1030  quintillion 1036  sexillion 1042  septillion 1048  octillion 1054  nonillion 1060  decillion 1066  undecillion 1072  duodecillion 1078  tredecillion 1084  quattuordecillion 1090  quindecillion 1096  sexdecillion 10102 septendecillion 10108 octodecillion 10114 novemdecillion...
  3. Indian Student innovator developes 'rainbow technology'

    April 20, 2007
    An Indian student guy invents a new technology to store the medias in anything, if this is thrown into application, the world will be more convenient and better. you can check out this link for more information. An exciting news....
  4. Selling Dell Computers In Gome

    December 5, 2007
    I went to Gome, which is the best applicable chain seller in China , and found that Dell computers have been selling in it.As well known, Dell always is on its business in direct-selling way. That means you must buy...
  5. Avvenu

    December 25, 2007
    Avvenu, not Avvenu, it is double "v" characters here. Nokia already acquired it .  it provides shares in your computer ,internet, mobile devices, a great idea.See the description from the official.Get it. Move it. Share it.Avvenu gives you a direct...

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