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    February 26, 2007
    There are 2 copies of credit card billing list. One is mine, and other one is one of best friends. OK, show ,show,show again. Mine: 02/03  复旦大学附属中山医院   220.00        02/03  派瑞文化 56.00                02/05  复旦大学附属中山医院   58.10          02/05  浙江支付宝网络科技有限       ...
  2. More and more classmates

    March 23, 2007
    Since last year, more and more classmates came in Shanghai. He Yunjiao is the first, and went to Pudong far away from me. Meng Xiangrong is the second one and living in ZhangJiang High Tech Park, far away from me...
  3. Take it easy!

    April 7, 2007
    As the beginning of this article, congrats Xie, one of my best friends, on getting a job, and also Duan , on his making a big decision on her job meanwhile. Nowadays, Xie has arrived in Shenzhen to process his...
  4. Leafhhou, just relax you!

    April 7, 2007
    Leafhhou called me and this call last 45 minutes last night. we discussed a lot of things on both her and me. When we moved the topic to her, I can feel she was thrown into a dilemma. I deeply...
  5. A good news

    April 9, 2007
    Once I signed into MSN , and Aron told me his wife is pregnant now and 1 month approximately. The first good news today (It is Monday today). Congrats you ,Aron on stepping into the DAD-GROUP. :), you will have...
  6. Congrats To KeFeng!

    May 18, 2007
    Congratulate you on your wedding, KeFeng Zhang and Xia Jiang. I'm sorry I can't attend your wedding party. First write a word for you here :BAI NIAN HAO HE(百年好合,pinyin,/bai nian hao he/). And I called him and chatted his wedding...
  7. Wedding Photos

    June 6, 2007
    In this morning today, I received an email sent by KeFeng, this email supports a url link for us so we can browse a lots of photos about his wedding party. The first impression is the bride (Xia Jiang) is...
  8. Congrats To Aron

    December 4, 2007
    Congratulations on you , Aron.Congrats you have a smart baby girl and be a daddy , your girls ,Chen Rui Shu ,was a gift to you on 1 st, Dec in 2007 year, a clever pig baby.Wish have a strong...
  9. One Meetup With Classmates

    December 31, 2007
    I have been in Suzhou on Dec 29st and Dec 30st 2 days.And we classmates held a meetup on Guanqian Street in downtown of Suzhou.Members: Leafhhou, Yang Dongmei, Huang Shenglan, Zhoutao, Li Yuwei, Li's son and mother, and me.I was...

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