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Is it necessary to buy a car?

Recently, I always think over a thing: is it necessary to buy a car replacement of taking a tax to go to office or go home.

I moved to my new house in early of this month.And I found the public transportation is not good so that I have to take a tax to go to the subway station , which costs me 15 RMB, and when I go home, 15 RMB too, that means I have to pay for at least 30 RMB for the transportation.

That is expensive very much.

I have a discussion with Lisa about this issue. We will list the answer.

we both think it is so necessary. but we face the below factors:
  • Money, since we bought this house last year, and we decorate this year, we pay much for it.
  • Parking. there are about 200 parking slots in our community. and the ground is not opened now. So far, I found it is full now. if I buy a car, where I will park?  And if I buy a car, I just drive me to the subway station, there are many slots here, about there are 30% of slots free.
  • Traffic. As well-known, the traffic in Beijing is very heavy.
Do you think I should buy a car?


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