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Mum Even Knows Mother's Day

I returned back to my hometown in late of last month.

Mum blamed me that why we did not call back to home in Mother's Day or Father's Day.When I listened these words, I was so surprised that monther,as a Chinese, even from countryside, when she know it? Mother said she got know it from TV. I smiled.

In May 10, 2010, Mother's Day, the 2nd Sunday in May, I called back to home. And I deliveried my best wish to my mother and dad. I can feeled they were happy when I said "Happy Mother's Day". Actually, I always call back to home in these days, and I don't let them know the day is Mother's Day or Father's Day. It seems that I don't do it anymore as they already know these festival days.

Hopefully they can keep fit. And best wishes to them. 



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