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  1. The Singer Jacky Cheung

    When I was studying on campus, I was really a fan of Jacky Cheung. I still listen his music currently. Why do I write this article today? A simple reason. I listened a song this noon, and its name is...
  2. Gmail contacts Not Run IN Firefox 3

    Just run Gmail, a service from Google. And I found the gmail contacts doesn't work in Firefox beta 3. Gmail Contacts is divided into 3 columns: group,contact list, and the contact details. If one group is selected, the contacts belongs...
  3. Web site Yobo

    Yobo, provides an online music service, and is a typical web 2.0 site. I forget where I know it, while I remember when I visited at first time , I decided to use it. I delete all music stream stored...
  4. A Gift: Orange

    Please see the image below: Just an orange, which is taken last night. In Spring Festival,Leafhhou came to Shanghai by HaiNan Airport. The waitress gave her an orange during breakfast, then she left it me as a gift,Joking. Thanks Leafhhou...