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  1. Happy Mouse Of New Year !

    Yeah, it is the last working day in 2007 today, and tomorrow is Spring Festive Eve.Happy Mouse of New Year everybody.I will be back on Feb 13, 2008!...
  2. The suggestions of trial of FireFox Beta 3

    Strictly, I am a fun of Firefox, which I am using in the most of time. expect for when I have to adopt IE for some specific pages, such us the service of banks. Firefox version 3 is still in...
  3. Django Ui is used in Chinese blog

    When I visited Django yesterday and I found its theme was so pretty that I decided to immigrate its style . And I spent 3 hours adjusting the theme in my laptop. I done it successfully at 24:00. Yes, you...
  4. CMB SMS you having paid for billing

    CMB, China Merchant Bank, one of my favorite banks , has a SMS service now to inform you have paid for the billing of credit card. It is good, now I can know I already paid for it. On the...