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Which one will you choose, Joyo or Dangdang?

Joyo and Dangdang, are top 2  book seller in China, but which one you will choose?

I ever made deals in these 2 sites. and after some deals, I choose Joyo. What does drive me make this decision? Please go to read more .

1) The site development

Compare to them, you will find Joyo is friendly to users. For example, if you want to search one book, Joyo will auto completes your search, and the list of result will be rendered to you, but Dangdang not.Besides for this, the result from Joyo are  more exactly than Dangdang.

If you have made an order, which status the system will inform you?In general, If you ordered, the status is "submitting", then "processing",then "delivering",then "paid", then "closed". Joyo processes it as what I said. But Dangdang is "submitting" from when you order to when you pay for. How about your thoughts? If you would like to know the status of your order, "submitting" is still for you in Dangdang.

The UI of Joyo is easier than Dangdang .


2) The service

I think the service from Joyo is better than Dangdang. If you call Joyo's customer service, the staff are patient to solve your problem. While Dangdang not.

The package is very good by Joyo, but Dangdang sometimes pack your book simply.


Although the price in Joyo is a little more expensive than Dangdang, I like Joyo with its service,and friendly web site.


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