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Web site Yobo

Yobo, provides an online music service, and is a typical web 2.0 site.

I forget where I know it, while I remember when I visited at first time , I decided to use it.

I delete all music stream stored in my computer, and the media player isn't installed too.

Yobo, can give the music of your DNA. But what is music DNA here? Music DNA is the music you maybe like by your DNA.

How does Yobo do? Yobo introduces a test to have an examination on your DNA, and then calculate the the music list you maybe like according to your DNA.

As a statistics, most of music of the results Yobo gives are you like.

Now,I am using this service, and it works good so far.

After I experienced it, I found its UO is not friendly, and I don't know  what  some features do.

In conclusion, Yobo is a good service, you can give up your media stream saved in your hard disk. Give it a try.


P.S: this article is not a AD on Yobo.


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