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The Singer Jacky Cheung

When I was studying on campus, I was really a fan of Jacky Cheung. I still listen his music currently.

Why do I write this article today? A simple reason.

I listened a song this noon, and its name is "Li Xiang Lan"(李香兰). If you are familiar with Jacky, it is certainly you know this song is popped in 1990s. This song is one of my most favorites.

When I was studying in university, I nearly listened to this one one time. So far I don't know its lyrics, but the melody is always in my brain and around me .

The duration of the song published via tape is 6 min 36 seconds, which is a duration-long one. Besides for it, it is hard to simulate the melody. we often go to karaoke in music room and try to sing this song, we fail every time.Maybe only Jacky is able to performance it completely.

Jacky Cheung is the most pop singer in HK, even in the world. and one of Four Heavenly Kings consist of Andy,Aaron, Leon and him. He is sometimes dubbed the God of Songs too.

The first song is Wolf Tale(饿狼传说) when I was in middle school, and the next songs were "Kiss Goodbye" and "Wish" in next years. the albums "Snow.Wolf.Lake" and "Wanna Have a Blower With You" in high school.

On campus, I tried my best to collect his all albums , Yes, nearly all of his were collected when I graduated from university. I left them to Xiao Huang before leaving Taiyuan . I was back to Taiyuan  last year, and Cai Wang, who is one of my best friends and classmates in high school, told me when I fetch them. I answered him when I want to. Finally, thanks Cai Wang for his helping me collect them. They are valueless for me.

Jacky, a super star for me.


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