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The suggestions of trial of FireFox Beta 3

Strictly, I am a fun of Firefox, which I am using in the most of time. expect for when I have to adopt IE for some specific pages, such us the service of banks.

Firefox version 3 is still in beta, and the latest is beta 3.

Meanwhile, you can meet a problem when you use it, that is the add-ons used in the previous version are not compatible with current version. oh, my god! even for the Google toolbar.

Is there any way to solve this problem? my answer is yes. but it is with a little of risk.


  1. Please tab about:config in the address bar
  2. Right click the page, one menu popped up, choose New,then Boolean, please enter extensions.checkCompatibility,go to next step, choose false value for it.
  3. As the same way, create another one, extensions.checkUpdateSecurity to false

Generally, the above way cannot solve everything, for example, Google toolbar still doesn't work. Fortunately, delicious addon make sense.


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