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Upgrade to MT 4.1

Good news! MT 4.1 was released last week!

I received an email from  SixPart, the builder of MT, informed me that the newer version is out, I can upgrade my platform.

I can spare a little of time finishing it.  and I followed one article:The Road To Upgrade To MT4  I wrote before to introduce how to upgrade, and done successfully.


OK. just have a simple steps describled:

    • Step 1: download the MT package: wget http://www.movabletype.com/download/personal/MTP-4.1-en.tar.gz
    • Step 2: Unpack it: tar xvzf MTP-4.1-en.tar.gz
    • Step 3: backup the original one, mv MT MT-bk or tar cvzf  MT-080128.tar.gz MT/
    • Step 4: copy the config file, like: cp MT-bk/mt-config.cgi MT
    • Step 5: backup your database. In general, there is no error occurs to database
    • Step 6: Visit your entry portal , an upgrade action will be required. and follow its rule.

That is all.


Note: if some errors occur when publish the articles, please copy the plugins in the old directory to the current plugin directory.



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