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The Blog List Of My Most Favorites III

This is the 3rd part of the serials of blog list I like most.
Here are the previous 2 parts ,check them out:
There are still FIVE people. OK, introduce them today!
 Delusion is studying in Standford University. How can I heard of him? because he has taken part in Google Code in 2007 year, and gained a good place. He born in Guangdong province, and in Math dept. now. I like the algorithms of math, including computer science too, Delusion is an expert  in this field, and ever joined many of games of ACM

  • Coolbug
   Coolbug is from Hubei provincetoo. and he is running a small company. he worked for Microsoft Corp before. Why do I like his blog? He feel free to talk about anything, including his love. Seems His Chinese skill is so excellent, and the articles are fluent.
 There are 2 spaces: MSN and cnblogs

  • CodingNow
    He is working for NetEase to develop a game engine as a team leader. Seems he is a code geeker. He often write many technical articles. we can learn much from him. He primarily use C/C++ to develop the engine, From this blog, he prefers to C.
   I ever wrote a job position to look for the people to be the team member, and the requirement is so interesting.

  • Pan Shiyi
   Chairman of Soho (China) in Beijing. and IPO in HK stock exchange. He has a same reputation with Wang Shi, chairman of Vanke ,and Feng Lun , the chairman of Vantone.

  • Qing Guo'an
   Reviewer of stock.


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