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Rebuild MT Of This Site

It is long time I haven't made changes in MT in this site. I made several changes yesterday to update the site so that I can manage the background platform more easily.

Why did I made the changed again?

When I helped Leafhhou to build her site, I found I always repeat the same work from time time. As a CS, it will be pity. So I decided to rebuild it.

How did I rebuild it?
There are three parts to be involved in: main page, individual page, and archives page. These three parts have the same page header, so the first section I did was the page header. Separated from the page header to a template. and
then included this template in the each page. Finally ,rebuilt the site.

I also used the page header template to include the copyright and powered-by information. since these pages still include the same page, same as the page header.

Other sections to rebuild? right, there are Search Form, Common License too.

What things should I pay attention to?
  1. DON'T make all changes at one time. You should make a small change for each time. if the changes you made DO NOT make sense, you can undo them, then continue to make an improvement.
  2. After making all changes, rebuild the sites.
  3. Please understand the difference from system templates and application templates.
That is all.


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