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The Year of 2007 and 2008

I found many people made a conclusion of 2007 and do a wish in 2008. OK, let me do it by myself.:)

  • Leafhhou
  • Got the Driver License
  • Back to Taiyuan again
  • Start writing English article
  • Learn Manage property
The most important is Leafhhou

  • Want to have a study room, which hints that I have to earn much to buy one, As though I won't buy one, I have much which worth with the same at least.
  • Get a certificated license with Leaf
  • MacBook Pro
  • A SLR camera, such as 400D
  • Having a good job
  • Try to other industry for my career
  • Good English
  • Have a good health
  • Expand social networks
  • Improve the skills to manage goods,including earning and  managing money and other goods.


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