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  1. Happy Teachers' Day

    It is Sept 10 today in 2007 year. Happy Teachers' Day, my dear teachers.Thanks for your bring me up in these passed years. OK, I would like to thank these  teachers below specially:Zhao Shihui Zhao ShiyongChen DingQuanPeng YuHai ZhaoDai ZhaobingGuo...
  2. Attention Please If Booking Train Tickets In Shanghai

    National Day is coming , and there are a lots of people will book the train tickets ,specially Beijing,Wuhan, Tianjin,Kunming, Hangzhou as terminal. And in the gold week in China, the train is so hard to book. I went to...
  3. Happy Moon's Day

    Happy Moon's Day, everyone!It is Aug 15 today, and is Mid-autumn Day in Chinese.Generally, you should stay with your family to share happy times and look upside the moon.Moon cake is required in this day.Hopefully, extra bonus gifts for everyone....
  4. The Trip Of This National Day

    Yes, the National Day is approaching, and all schedule on it is made. you can get the details below.In summary, my vocation starts in Sep 29 and ends in Oct 9, 9 days totally.In this period,I will go to 2...
  5. PB is back

    Prison Break, is back this month.I already got watch the last 2 seasons, and the back is the 3rd season.Now, the 2nd esp is showing these day, if you are a fun, I believe you have downloaded and watched it...
  6. Windows Vista, Security Problem Is Beyond us?

    I used Windows Vista first time yesterday,and the issue I cared is the security problem.I helped my colleague install some new softwares in Windows Vista Home Basic version. Ouch, the road seemed so hard so that I didn't know what...