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  1. CNG Contacts through China

    Contacts of the readers network of CNG(Chinese National Geography) are as following: Xi'an Manager Sun Addr.: 60 LeYou Rd., Xi'an Tel: 029-85519299 MB: 13363929939 ChangSha Manager Xu Addr:  No. 5 shop,Qingshuitang Rd Tel:    0731-2864177 MB: 13707491259 NanJing Manager Li Addr:...
  2. Take it easy!

    As the beginning of this article, congrats Xie, one of my best friends, on getting a job, and also Duan , on his making a big decision on her job meanwhile. Nowadays, Xie has arrived in Shenzhen to process his...
  3. Leafhhou, just relax you!

    Leafhhou called me and this call last 45 minutes last night. we discussed a lot of things on both her and me. When we moved the topic to her, I can feel she was thrown into a dilemma. I deeply...
  4. A good news

    Once I signed into MSN , and Aron told me his wife is pregnant now and 1 month approximately. The first good news today (It is Monday today). Congrats you ,Aron on stepping into the DAD-GROUP. :), you will have...
  5. Indian Student innovator developes 'rainbow technology'

    An Indian student guy invents a new technology to store the medias in anything, if this is thrown into application, the world will be more convenient and better. you can check out this link for more information. An exciting news....