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One Meetup With Classmates

I have been in Suzhou on Dec 29st and Dec 30st 2 days.And we classmates held a meetup on Guanqian Street in downtown of Suzhou.

Members: Leafhhou, Yang Dongmei, Huang Shenglan, Zhoutao, Li Yuwei, Li's son and mother, and me.

I was exciting we can have this meetup. we haven't face to face for a long time.

The last time face to Li and Yang is  late in 2005 year. Suzhou is just half of a hour by D train, however, we can't communicate with others , we may be so busy .

Thanks for Leafhhou, we can have this opportunity to have this meetup because of her coming. 

It is to be regretted that we can't have some photos each others.

Everyone is changing, and the thoughts are different with before. I am glad to see this.


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