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The Blog List Of My Most Favorites -- Part II

The Blog List Of My Most Favorites I

This article is the second part of the blog list.

  • Dai Sisi
    Who is Sisi? She is a pretty girl ,and never have a meet with her. How do I know? She asked me help her to solve the Blackberry lock problem from RIM several months ago.

    She is living in Shanghai, but from Changsha, Hunan province, and studying in one campus. Sorry, I don't know which school he is being at,and which department now.

   Why do I like her article? Because of her young,maybe 21 old, so we are in different generation , and have different attitudes towards the life, work and others. There are many popular modern words in her blog, even I can't understand some of them.

 I can learn the ideas of the younger generation from her: what the young are  thinking and doing. what popular words they are using.

  • Spring
 Spring Xie was ever my leader when I worked for the last company. The first people after my graduation of university is him. Thank him for teaching me a lot of techs.

  Spring now is managing many projects, so he is so busy. As a team leader, he grasp the concepts of management , and try his best to introduce those into the work.

  In his blog, there are some articles about the management. Maybe you disagree with his idea, but I think the core concepts of CS are mentioned there and the core of Spring-style management.

  • Robbin

Robbin is the founder of JavaEye,which is the most popular in China, and has many sections: java,ruby,etc.  Robbin is a experienced programmer and consultor.

Robbin introduced ROR to JavaEye, which is programmed in ROR, just a forum in PHP or Java before. JaveEye is one of the earliest websites in China, and written by a team of 3 members including Robbin. Because of the above, Robbin is a ROR expert. He often post articles to describe ROR: deployment ,performance, programming of ROR.

Additionally, Robbin has his ideas on computer industry and on how to operate a website.

  • Delusion
  • Coolbug
  • CodingNow
  • Pan Shiyi
  • Qing Guoan

(to be continued....)


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