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The Blog List Of My Most Favorites I

I believe everybody are subscribing many feeds from various kinds of bloggers and read each article from the authors.

Yes, the blogger will share their ideas with everybody in the world, if they are interesting.

Is it same for me ? yes. Why do I try to build this English site? because I inspired from Wang Jianshuo, which is the one of my most favorite blogger in this early year.

OK, move to the topic, I will list bloggers I most like read.

     Wangjianshuo (about his profile), is the leader of Kijiji. he is mainly writing articles in English. How do I know him? In last year, I looked for a book named "The art of Travel", and made a search in Google, his article was placed 2nd in Google result list. I clicked the link and dig into his Chinese web site.

    Actually, Jianshuo always write English articles for about 5 years. and his English Skills is so excellent that I decided to learn from him at that time. that is why I build this site. it aims to record the information and improve my English Skills.

   As learning from his site, Jianshuo writing many articles on living in the world: living in shanghai, transportation, hotel. etc. If you are stranger, his site is one of the best choices.  Besides for this, he also provides much information on other facts, such as his ideas on business, culture of China, US, and the countries he has ever gone.
  He is living in Shanghai now.
  Recommend strongly.
  • Fenng
     David, is living in Hangzhou, and working in the Alipay as a DBer.
     I like the style of his writing articles.
     Yes, the theme of his sites are so pretty that I copy its color and style of Jianshuo site.  Thanks.
     His site provides many information. Most of the articles are about the Database. If the database problems make you in trouble, you can get some ideas from there.
     Additionally, various of things, like life, skills of tools, IT news, etc are provided too.
  • Dudu
   The second tech blog are hosting in cnblogs. (where is the 1st hosting? CSDN,but not upgrade now(.Who is Dudu? Dudu is the founder of cnblogs, you can visit http://dudu.cnblogs.com to get more information.
   Dudu are now in Shanghai, but Yangzhou , Jiangsu before. Why is he living in Shanghai? According to what he said, cnblogs can have a good growth in Shanghai.

  Dudu is diligent, and works so late.
  Dudu is unselffish. To run cnblogs, he paid for the servers, and the fee of hosting in IDC.

    One of most famous commenter in China. now he is running a consulting company in Beijing.

    His thoughts are so vivid that a largest number of readers in China are subscribing his articles. If you read the articles carefully, you will found many sentences are like this: "As  Keso said". what he said can be viewed as a standard.

I will continue listing bloggers below in other articles:
  • Dai Sisi
  • Spring
  • Robbin
  • Delusion
  • Coolbug
  • CodingNow
  • Pan Shiyi
  • Qing Guoan


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Glad to hear that you visit my blog ,that's my pleasure.

Happy New Year!

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I learn so much from your blog. Thanks for your building a perfect website. Happy Mouse Year 2008, and hopefully writing many high-quality articles.

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