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My Dopod 310 Went Bad Nearly

I always envy Leafhhou , because she can upgrade her cell phone from time to time , but I can't, even we have the same OS for our cellphones.

Leafhhou sent a page listing many themes for my Dopod 310 cell phones in this noon, in recently days, she ever sent me some pictures of her phone's desktop, I am thinking it is very pretty. it may be because of it.

Yes, I downloaded them and tried to install them, it seemed all are OK, but after my rebooting the cell phone, it was in trouble: the same screen was displayed same as the Today screen if I clicked Start menu. The only way was to restore the default settings. my god! I had to backup all the information: contacts, and sms.

Yeah, after leaving the office, I had a trial to reinstall the theme, and set the theme to Compact theme.OMG, this setting led directly that it couldn't be restored ater rebooting. I tried many methods, and can't restore it finally.

I called Leafhhou and teld her what happened, and she teld me how to hard reboot. I tried it out, Oh, right, I was successful to restore it.

The way is:

Press the left and right soft keys at the same time, and press the power switch one time, and DO NOT release the left and right keys unitl the welcome UI of China Mobile and the text appear. the text here is to introduct you how to restore it. please then Send key to restore at last


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