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Restore The Computer In This Weekend

My god, I spent this weekend to restore my computer, which is the first one I bought in 2004,. The summary is below:
  • AMD2500+
  • 512M memory
  • 1 DVD-R and 1 DVD /RW
  • Separated Display Card(QiCaiHong)
  • 80G hard disk
Why did I throw it aside? because there is a fault.

 The first thing is to pick them out from the packs, and install them. Just easy. but when I push the power switch, three deeps sound. Obviously, it is because of Memory, I unplugged and reinstall it. All OK.
The next thing is to backup the data. wow, it is a hard time. I spent several hours to backup.
In the evening,back from friends house, I decide to install Windows XP Chinese, but I don't have CD, the only way is to download it. Since the system is too large, I went to sleep first.

Got up early, and checked my computer, the XP was already downloaded. The things I should do was to burn the software to DVD. For some reason, Nero can't burn to DVD, while CD make sense. Tried it many times, but I was failure. I had to buy one CD.
Installing XP OS seems OK. Additionally, I should install some software. because the memory was too low, I upgraded it.


2 issues are I care about. one is the memory issue, it seems the chipset IDE interface is not good. other one is the fans, it is so noisy.


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