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The Network Is Too Slow To Have A Good Work

It is maybe because of the network in my home, I am so sensitive to the network recently.

In these 2 days, the network of my company is slow too.  For example, we visited the Int'l website pages  slowly. we couldn't access Google, Yahoo, and MSN , the portals of US.Now you can image how slow the network was. We always publish our systems on remote, the slow network drove us mad, we can't work normally now.

That is yesterday, so does today, but it is better than yesterday. However, we can't connect to the remote, it will delay many Internet data packages. my god!

We are using the service from China Telecom, and it is unstable recently. so we strongly recommend China Telecom improve its infrastructure and make sure the network can work.  If we can't work one day, it will cause a big loss.


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