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Config The Wireless Network

It was the first time for me to configure the wireless network in last Sunday. It was easy.
Firstly, make sure your computer is instrumented with a wireless network card, I used a NetGear USB card.

Secondly, configure the wireless router. insert the internet cable interface into wireless router, and then connect the router to your computer, then open IE and input the url to config the router. It will promote to require user and password, you can get them from the manual book.

Thirdly, security access is important, to avoiding others using the network without any credential, you should generate some credential serial key, which is used when clients connect to the router.

How to configure the internet? There are 2 ways to connect to Internet, one is connecting the Internet directly, other is in user and password. Router can fit these 2 ways, you can select the options in order to suit for your Internet ways.

If you just do the above, you can use the wireless network, generally speaking.


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