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Seems The Beta Version of Firefox 3 Clean Up The Memory Leaks Problem

As the title of this entry said, it seems that Firefox 3 beta version has resolved the memory leaks problem. good news.

In the previous versions, from 1.0 to 2.0, Firefox causes the memory problem, and many users think it consumes much of memory. At the point of my experience, about 150M memory will be eaten in common. how a big size! However, I have to tolerate this bug, because I am a fan of Firefox, I don't like using Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

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Now, I found Firefox beta version has this bug fixed, it is very interesting to me, so I download it and try it out. Besides for this resolved bug, I found some improvements:
  • It is faster to open the web pages.
  • And the download manager is improved too.
  • The way of he dialog to inform the password to save also changed, flashing way now, pop-up before.
  • Many addons are not compatible with this version. 
You can visit the official sites to download it.


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