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The Attitude

This article is the first time for me to demonstrate the attitude of doing something.

Why do I write this topic suddenly? Because this title is the item I am thinking over for a long time.

I did see an article from Douban, who is one of  the  most favorites websites. The title of the article is "We Are Wrong, We Are Listening" from Ahbei , the founder of Douban. Why did Ahbei write it? Douban has its theme updated, but this action led to many users' complaint, they think the update is not as good as before. Certainly, the members of Douban focus on the feedback. because most of feedback are complaint, not praises, so the update can be treated as an unsuccessful event. But Ahbei admit this event and apologize for the users today, I think the attitude is good.

The attitude is most important not only in our life, also in work.

Sometimes you maybe can't process one thing, while the attitude is positive, full with responsibility, I believe you can do finally, and you have a good progress.

Sometimes you maybe meet the things make you sad, if your attitude of life is positive, you will have a pleasure time all the time. Two ways to life : living with a positive attitude , and living with a passive one. Which one will you choose? the first one surely.

A positive attitude.

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