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Workrave To Let You Reflax

I forget where I found Workrave, but I like this software so much, because it can force me to have a rest and do some excercise.

As the official site said:
Workrave is a program that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The program frequently alerts you to take micro-pauses, rest breaks and restricts you to your daily limit. Please refer to the feature comparison for a complete list of features, and how the program performs with respect to other programs on the market. The program runs on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Sometimes, we are too busy  to have no time to have a rest. but we need some times to rest actually, so Workrave make sense, it will force you and lock your computer so you have to stand up to go out.

Interesting in it? download it and try it out now!


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