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The Software List Frequently Used By Me

As a professional computer user, which software are used frequently by me? Now, I will give you the answers.

  • Windows XP
    Yes, it is right, Windows XP, the operation system, all applications will be running on this platform.

  • Google Docs
     Currently, I use business office software seldomly, like Microsoft Office, Kingsoft Office, I think Google Docs is enough to me to use.
  • 7Zip
Maybe the package software, Winrar, is most popular in the world, but it will cost you 30 dollars, which is so expensive to the poor , like me. so I choose 7Zip, an open source software. I found the performance of 7Zip is better than Winrar, and can process all extraction package file format, rar, zip,gzip,bz. etc.

  • Flashget
As an old acceleration downloading tool, Flashget is upgraded from one generation to now. The latest version can process BT, and emule download. so great service. it is also an open source application.

  • Putty
Because I need to maintain this website, so I have to access and control the remote computer, so Putty can help me implement this. Besides for this, I also make other services by it. that is so great tool.

  • FileZilla

A FTP,SFTP application , written by a Germany guy. I have used it for several years.

  • FireFox
I hate using IE, so Firefox replaces it. and I found Firefox make sense, the only cons is eating much memory.

  • Notepad++
Notepad application built-in is so ugly. which software can replace it? Notepad++ make sense. it can open large files, and highlight the text according to the file type, such as java.c,html.30 file types are supported. it is free too.


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