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Hostelling International

On the way of having lunch today, I found a new  hotel in QuXi Rd, LuWan District , Shanghai.

The name of this hotel is called "Shanghai Blue Mountain Youth Hostel". Good, it seems very characterize, and  I estimate the price is not very expensive.

After return of lunch, I search it in Internet , I found YHAChina, then I follow the link, and I get know Hostelling International.

The most thing I concern is the price and environment.

Let's talk about the price first. I think it is very cheap. cheaper than Home Inns, JingJiang Hotel etc. Take LuWan branch as example,:
  • for double-person room: just 130 RMB
  • for four-person room: just 45 RMB
  • for big bed room:just 130 RMB
  • ...
As well known, living in Shanghai is very expensive, such a low price is incredible in Shanghai for us. However, if you are out for business, it is not suited for you, while if you are single, or liking the outing life, it may be your best choice.

OK, then talk about environment, I don't go into the hotel to see how the environment is, I just see from outside. yes, it is just simple accommodated. but  can hint  its  self-style. I like it.

If possible, I can try it,  not only  the  cheap price, but  the environment. The most factor is  the  outing life is  I expected.


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