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Good Open Source

I have listed the software I are frequently using in a post today. If you are careful person, you will found all are open source software ,except for the Windows XP OS software.

I concede that I am a fan of Open Source, but why do the open source step into my eyes?
That is because:

  • Freedom
   Yes, it is more free than commercial software. To use open source, the only things you should to are following their  rules. Generally, these rules are not as strict as commercial software. Sometimes, if you think the features are not  implemented in your ways, you can improve them under the rules. It is easy to get the source code? yes, most of them release their source code.

  • Security
This item  is also  concerned. If you use the applications to process the sensitive data, like as credit card information, bank information, password, you maybe think the commercial software are not reliable. but if you have the source code of the application, although you can't read the source code, you don't worry that the software will steal your information.

  • Free,No Fee
 Free, no fee. This is a good choice for we poor peoples . For example, you buy a suite of Microsoft Office, it will cost you 3 thousands of RMB. while if you use Google docs, the thing it costs is the time to register one account.

  • Respecting Labor
In China, we can use pirated software. and popular in China. For me, I don't like using them, because I am also a IT worker, if my work is copied by others, what do I think? Same as the way, the authors will hates the people who illegally copy their labor. So we should respect their labor.Respecting them is equal to respecting ourselves.

Because of the above reason, I insist on using OPEN SOURCE APPS.


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