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Pay Credit Card Via China UnionPay

Leafhhou told me we can pay credit card via China UnionPay online service about one month ago, and at that time I didn't do in this way.

Because I can't spare much time to pay my credit card, I decided to have a trial on this service. I created an account when Leafhhou told me, what I just should do was 2 things:
  • Bind your credit card
  • Bind your deposit bank card
Then I followed its steps and finished payment. SO EASY.

What Pros? This service is suite for people below:
  • You can't spend much time going to bank
     As well known, if you go to bank, you must spend much time in queue , approximately half of hour, plus the time to go, you should spare 1 hour.

  • You  use  the  different  bank systems
     If you are in different bank systems, the general way is get money from this bank, and pay in another system. it needs more time. If you want to do this online, the service fee is so expensive. But if you use UnionPay, this time and service fee will  be cut.


Because it will  spend 1-2 days transfering the money, please not use this service in emergency.

And if you  worry the security  problem,  do not use it too.

BTW, if your credit card is issued by CMB, the payment date is defined by the date when you make the deal in UnionPay, not the money arrived day.
(This information is from CMB Credit Card Service Center.)


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