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You Are Already One Of Members Of White Collar?

White collar, I always don't know what it is, and one people following what rules can be one of members of white collar. What is while collar? Is it determined by salary, or type of job? In fact, I don't know.

Until yesterday, I got know what it is. it at least is decided by the salary. According to one report  from China Academy Of Social Sciences, if you want to be one in Shanghai,your salary should achieves 5350 RMB, 1800RMB for foreign people extras. The main content of this report is following:

  1. Level 1: Hong Kong: 18500 Macau: 8900
  2. Level 2: Shanghai: 5350 Shenzhen: 5280 Wenzhou: 5020 Beijing: 5000
  3. Level 3: Hangzhou: 4980 Guangzhou: 4750 Suzhou: 4300 Xiamen: 4100 Qingdao:4000
  4. Level 4: Nanjing: 3780 Fuzhou: 3380 Changzhou:3380 Wuxi: 3200 Tianjin: 3150 Jinan: 3120 Dalian: 3000
  5. Level 5: Zhengzhou: 2880 Kunmin: 2800 Wuhan: 2680 Haikou: 2600 Chinhuangtao: 2550 Changsha: 2480 Sanya: 2360 Shijiazhuang:2300 Chongqing: 2250 Shenyan: 2100 Urumqi : 2100 Xian: 2080
  6. Level 6: Taiyuan 1980 Chengdu: 1900 Harbin: 1700 Hohhot: 1700 Hefei:1680 Guiyang: 1600 Changcun: 1500 Lanzhou: 1500 Nanchang: 1200 Nanning: 1300 Yincuan: 1100 Xining: 1000
  7. Level 7: Lhasa:900
If you look at this for the first time, what do you think of it? Maybe you think the salary listed is lower than actually for some places.


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