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PetroChina Is The Biggest Company In The World?

PetroChina is the biggest oil company in China, but is it the biggest one in the world? My answer is NO.

PetroChina returns A market in Shanghai, it IPOed in Hong Kong several years ago.

PetroChina opens in 48 RMB per share, this almost double than the published price, and its P/E ratio is near 55.
so high.

The market caption of PetroChina is more than double of Exxon Mobil Chemical, the biggest company in the world before. it is only the market caption, we know, it is just a virtual number. If the price is growing , market caption too. As an important factor , Exxon only has 15 P/E ratio, just more than 1/3 of PetroChina.

Actually, the profit of PetroChina is just half of Exxon, and its properties is also less.


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