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Sina Is Immoral

This article is the second one to discuss Sina.

The first article is on financial tool, that is good I think. However, this article will mention the blog system from Sina, and I think this service is so bad.

Blog is one of ways make Web 2.0 popular, so many and many people occupy their blog platform, the best example is me. this article is posted on the blog platform.Here I don't want to explain what the blog is.

How to read your favourited blogs? I use Google Reader to read I interested in. I have subscribed blog from Pan ShiYi, the chairman of SOHO China, IPO in last month in HKE. His blog is hosting in Sina blog platform.

Pan upload some pictures sometimes, if you read via Google Reader, you will found the below:sina-blog-picure.JPG

What happened to Sina?it drives us to have to go to sina online to view them. OMG, bad one!

I don't know why sina do this? For ads? or for traffic? But it make us think it  so overbearing.


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