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Service From CMB

CMB, China Merchant Bank, its headquarter in Shenzhen ,GuangDong province. It is the most number of customers who are using its credit cards in China. And  I have certainly one card issued by CMB.

I deal with some transaction today in TaoBao, the biggest C2C company in  China, like  as eBay.  I  needed to  pay via my credit card. because of the amount restriction that we can only pay 499.99 RMB for CMB at one time in Taobao, I had to pay for more than 4 times.

When I already paid 3 times, one call from CMB was coming, I accepted it and the staff told me the status of my card was not normal, and check with me if I am using this card. My answer is Yes.

Good service! this service can make us use it securely. if the card is stolen, or lost, don't worry, so CMB can try their best to protect it.

An AD is played in TV, this AD describe 5 protection ways, and introduce how to do.

If you want to apply a CC, I suggested is CMB.


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