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Travel Of PuDong

I mentioned that I had a travel in PuDong yesterday.

After glancing at the picture exhibition from CNG, I decided to have a trip with XiangYun, who is one of my classmates in high school, and is working in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park now.

I invited him to come here during the road of PuDong.

The first place is Super Brand Mall, we took a look at all shops, and chose the clothes, shoes, and others. My god, I found these goods are very expensive, more than when I came to Shanghai first. CPI is up now.

The second place is JinMao, and World Financial Center, these 2 skylines are tallest in China Mainland. if the travellers come to Shanghai,these 2 places are they should to go. WFC is under construction now, and taller than JinMao, so WFC is tallest in Shanghai. When we took a walk in Century Ave., the people around us said:" you have a look at Jinmao now, WFC replaced in the future." Yes, they are right. WFC will be a famous place later.

The third place is Tommson Riverer(汤臣一品). it is well known in China, because the price of house within it is most expensive in China. but I think it is not worthing of that price, it is not as good as I think. By the way, I found a good supermarket, when we went to Tommson Riverer, we feel thirsty, then I went into supermarket neath CITI Group Building, there are many import  goods. so  if you want to buy ,  it  maybe  a good choice for you.

The fourth place is DongChang Rd Ferry. I have living in Shanghai for 4 years, and I never go to PuDong from PuXi by ship. the price of ticket is 2 RMB, seems it is expensive, I heard that it is only 0.5 RMB.

The fifth place is BaBaiBan(Nextage), have a rest , have a look at the cars sold by DongChang company, then went home.


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