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CNG Pictures Exhibition In Shanghai

If you open CNG Oct Vol. of this year, you will found there is activity will be held in Super Brand Mall today , to aim to show many pictures on west of China.

I am so interesting in west of China that I decide to go to take a look at this  exhibition.

I got arrived at there about 11:30 AM, and towards to the mall directly. I think it is not good, because there are not many pictures, and some of them are can found in the printed magazines.

The target I went to is I can get more pictures. In my memory, there are about 30 pictures. it is a pictures exhibition, CNG should show more pictures, not only 30. Additionally, I  think they can provide many books, magazine, posters, cards, and video (like as CD, VCD, or DVD), but they only provide about 8 magazines, and not free. it is to my big disappointment.

Of course, I saw the most beautiful landscape in China, and some of pictures are not seen before. I can know the more beautiful scenes in West of China .

I spent about 30 mins having a look at them, and went out to have a see on PuDong . That is so nice.

PS, where is Super Brand Mall? if you are a citizen in Shanghai, it is sure you are very familiar with the place, because it is located at LuJiaZhui biz area.


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