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Subdomain Available!

From the start-up to now, the URL of this site always is http://www.36sign.com/english, now I add a sub-domain for it, that is http://en.36sign.com. From now on, we can visit each of this 2 URLs .

This idea is pop up several months ago, but at that time I change the .htaccess via regular expression to implement it, it was failure after some trials, some of URLs can't work good. I ever asked some help for dreamhost, and the techonist from DH gave me some suggestion, seems that these ideas are not useful for my site.

I talked with LHY about this topic, and asked how he implemented it by the way, he answered me it is so simple. wow, it is  so easy, just go to the domain registration panel  and add the domain setting.

2 weeks passed, and I can spare some time to give it a try today, yes, it works.

I republished the sites, I found there is a problem, the tag can't work.
the tag link before: http://www.36sign.com/xxxxx
now :http://en.36sign.com/xxxx

Obviously, the search link now can't work. why? because the tag link is for entire MT system, not the separated blog.

How to resolve it? I go to the official site to take a look at the configure section, I change the cgi path to absolute path from relative path. Then republish it.


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