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Ubuntu 7.10 Released!

Ubuntu 7.10 is released today, the previous is 7.06. Seems the development is so quickly that many of users complaint : I am not familiar with the the previous one, the up-to-date version is out now, my god!

I download and install it in my virtual computer to have a trial to use it. Most of features are same as 7.04, so please take it easy to upgrade it if you are using the older one.

There are a lots of softwares getting their upgrades. For example,  the most popular IM tool in Linux system is Gaim, for some reason, it was renamed to "Pidgin" some months ago. If you were using it , it is certainly you know the version is less than 2.0, since it is version 2.0 since its rename. so 7.10 uses its latest version. For more information, you can check out its official website:http://www.ubuntu.com.

Ubuntu is the greatest distribution of Linux for desktop. Free and friendly UI. Supposed I am a newbie, I can get started quickly.

However, seems the Simplified Chinese version translation of it is not as good as English.There are parts of English text is not translated. To make the local version good, it requires the help of the people from local. So we Chinese must get involved in it asap.

You are tired using Windows OS? You are upsetting the virus attacking you? Ubuntu maybe provide you with a good way.

Yah,according to the official sites, Ubuntu on Dell  are available in  some countries in Europe, such as Kingdom, France, Germany.

That is Ubuntu, interested in it, get it a try now!


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