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Beijing, You are Good I :Transportation

I stayed in Beijing for 3 days in these National Day. If I try to use a sentence to describe how about Beijing for me, that is "Beijing ,you are good!".

In doubtlessly, it is the city having most cars in China, more than Shanghai. I remember there ever was one news to introduce the total of Beijing in July, it said it was increasing 1M cars per one year. If you don't know how many it is ,  I will give you an example. As well known, the car planet in shanghai is approved via bid. but how many planets does the Transportation Official Department provide every month? Take this month Oct as an example,it will release 8K car planets. OK , let's calculate it: 8.5K *12=102K. In other words, the total of Beijing is 10 times than Shanghai. Shanghai is in traffic jam every day, specially when rush hours. so Beijing more .

To avoid the traffic jam, it seems Beijing encourage the citizens outing by public transportation, such as subways, public bus. of course you can go by bike. so you can found there are many bikes around the subway exits in for rent.

If by public transportation, how about the fees? yes, so cheap, cheaper than most of cities, like Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou. If you use Public Transportation Card, it will be 60% off, pay 40 cents in Beijing is common. If you use it in subway, it also has little discounts.

From Oct 7,2007, the subway line 5 is opening, and Line 1, Line 2, Line 13, Line 5 can be interchanged. and the fee is only 2 Yuan. So cheap. because it is 3 yuan before. In this year, the CPI is increasing every month, but the fee of subway is getting down, so excited.

Beijing also encourage people who drive cars getting by public transportation, they can park their cars in out of 3rd ring, 4th ring and 5th ring, not drive their car to downtown.

If you drive a car, you will found the parking fee is cheaper than Shanghai. 2.5 yuan to 5 yuan per hour, and free sometimes.

However, the traffic of Beijing is still heavy. and I think it is most heavy in China.

Beijing Olympics 2008 is coming, the manner of outing by public transportation is  good, is encouraged.  What effects? you can reference Sydney Olympics 2000.


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