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How to Solve A Problem?

I guess you are surprise at this title if you have a look at it first.Yes , I have to write it down.
As the title said, how to solve a problem? If I meet this question, what answer? I will give my answer.
Sometimes, maybe I can do as following:
  1. Have to be patient.   it is very important, if I can't do this, I am sure I can do nothing.
  2. Following the cites it shows obviously or hints. Yes, one or  more  cues  can instruct you  how to do.
  3. If the step 2  can not be useful for you, what should we do? Simply, still keep patient, and double check the cues are not useful.
  4. The best tool is search engine, like as Google,baidu,live. I believe most of problem we meet can get their answer from Internet. We must remember a great many of resources around us.
  5. If it seems the search tool can't solve , we can ask help for our friends, companies.
  6. If the step 5 still doesn't make sense, the job we have to work is to research it by ourself.
Don't do the step 6 directly. Don't ask for your friends directly if you meet the problem.


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