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Windows Vista, Security Problem Is Beyond us?

I used Windows Vista first time yesterday,and the issue I cared is the security problem.

I helped my colleague install some new softwares in Windows Vista Home Basic version. Ouch, the road seemed so hard so that I didn't know what is the trouble at the beginning.

The first installed software was quickbooks (don't know this software, you can google it, and you will find it is accounting software, and very famous around the world), OK, the installing process is OK. Unluckily, I met an error when I had a trial to use it later, the machine told me the quickbooks file was not openned, becuase the file was accessed denied. Oops. in common, it occurred was because of 2 reasons: it was using by another application, or no permission for the user.
For the the first reason, I first downloaded a application called WhoLockedMe, and there was no application using it.

For the second, I can rename it, which improves I have the permission.

At the same time, I used SVN service to update the backup files.and 20 mins later, it informed me it can't fetch the source. Then I thought over the reason, I found I had no permission for the current updating files.

Thanks for it, I suddenly knew why? I quickly moved to quickbooks, and I found I pointed it to D: hard disk, not the user hard disk., so I tried to specify it to user directory. It worked fine finally. To my surprise, I can create directories or files in D disk. Maybe it was because it didn't grant permission on QuickBooks. Quickbooks led to this.

Then I tried to install Norton Anti Virus software, and it wasn't compatible with Vista.

The impression it gave me during I using Vista is :
  •  The security protection is so strict that many users think it is no need to do this.
  • Many softwares supports  Windows 2K or XP aren't compatible with Vista, so you had to pay more attention on this when you install them in Vista OS.
I think Vista has its perfect UI, but the experience of users not good as XP.


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