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How To Buy Fund

I went to DaMuQiao Branch of  CMB to pay credit card yesterday, and I found there were many old man and women waiting there. I got know they were planning to buy the funds later.To my surprise, why did they go to bank to buy the fund, not do it  online ?

How To Buy?
There are several ways to buy fund. Generally, you have 3 choices:

1. Go to Bank

  Every funds companies have delegated their rights to bank, so you can go to bank to buy. In general, the service fee is 0.5-0.9% of your total amount, these services fee is paid for bank.

2. Buy it online
 You can go to the funds companies websites. As I know, all funds companies already build their website to sell their funds directly. The good standpoint is the service fee is lower than via bank.Commonly, the service fee is 0.5-0.9%. and it is not need to pay for bank 0.5-0.9%.

3. Via stock account(Stock Company)
  Another way for you: stock account. if you buy stocks, you can buy funds through your stock account. the way is same as via bank, and the service fee is same or higher than bank.

Which Way is The Best?

For me, I think the second way is best, because I pay less service fee, and it is convenient for me to buy it, since I am familiar with Internet operations and I can do it over the world.

For the older, going to bank is their choice, because they can spend much time. if the older have the ability to operate Internet, I believe it is really a good way. As I know, the total of the old who can operate the Internet is cool. However, the safe problem is they pay attention to.



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