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A Shorter Marathon

It is about ten days until the last entry, and I will post an article on my marathon.

In the weekend, on Saturday, exactly speaking, I finished my first marathon trip.

I organized it in Friday, unfortunately, there was nobody would like to attend this activity. I understood why. First, the weather was so hot, and maybe 33-35 degree. Second, it is too far from Shanghai Railway station to Shanghai South Railway station, and about 20km. Thirdly, I thought we can spend little time doing exercise, we become very tired once join this game.

The first thing to do is to know the routines. the tool I used is Google Map, With Inputting Shanghai South Railway Station( as the start) , and Shanghai Railway Station( as the end), and then entering, Google  gave me the detailed way: The start->HuMin Elvt Way-> Inner Ring-> South-North Elvt Way-> The end. Thanks Google.
Finally, I decided to reverse the routine, that is starting from Shanghai Railway  Station, then  arriving at  South  Station.
Let's Go
1. Had breakfast
2. Went to Railway station by Line 3, and drunk a bottle of water, about 550ml.

The Detailed Routines
  1.  South Square of Shanghai Railway as Start   ->  Entry of South-North Elvt (GongHeXin Rd)
  2. Entry of GongHeXin Rd  -> Cross between North ChengDu Rd and West Yanan Rd
  3. Yan'an Rd   -> HuaiHai Rd
  4. HuaiHai Rd -> XuJiaHui Rd Exit of South-North Elvt
  5. XuJiaHui Rd Exit  -> Inner Ring Rd:RuiJin Rd
  6. RuiJin Rd->DongAn Rd (Long Hua Rd)
  7. Long Hua Rd -> Long Hua Temple
  8. Long Hua Temple -> Long Cao Rd Station
  9. Long  Cao Rd Station -> Shi Long Rd Station
  10. The end
It took me about 2.5 hours, and drunk 3 bottle of water. the temperature was 32-34, so hot! The red light was I worried, and I was lucky, since only 3-4 happened with me. Finally, I arrived at the terminal at 11:35 am.

Related Information
Shanghai has a marathon game every year , and in 2007 year, it will be held on Nov 25 ,2007, Monday. If you are interested in this, you can submit your application. For more information, please visit the official website:http://www.shmarathon.com/cn/. when the weather is not as bad as today.

About Marathon
The marathon is a long-distance running event of 42.195 kilometres (26 miles 385 yards) that can be run either as a road race or off-road (for example, on mountain trails). --quoted from wikipedia.org


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