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The Road To Upgrade To MT4

Good news, I have upgraded the platform system to version 4.

Movable Type is the premier blogging platform, and I configured it for my system today.

MT4 is out 2 days ago. There are many beta version out before, and I didn't use them, because I believe many and many bugs will exist in beta version. Actually, so does it. Although MT 4 is out, I found there  still are many bugs ,and not stable. However,it is time for upgrading it.

The road seems to be very hard.

The old version is 3.34, and I backup it first, then unzip the the MT4 package over the installation directory. These 2 steps are simple. The next step is trying to access it.

If you enter the url, it will give you a page for upgrade, follow its instruction. All is OK. Sign in the system, I found the page doesn't display normally. then I use Firefox proxy tool to monitor the traffic, the scripts are not loaded . so I copied the files located in mt-static. Good, it could work now.

Then I planned to write an entry, my god, the interface of the writing page is ugly. the first reason I thought is the javascript. Unfortunately, I can't get the answer. then I tried to check the css files, the page can't still work .

OK, seems I have to install a fresh one, delete the work directory, unzip the MT4, it is simple to install it. My god, all works now. :)

And I found many plugins are available, so I had to copy the plugins and enabled them.

I customized the templates before, but they can't work now. so I have to spend much time learning the tags in MT4.

If you want to upgrade your system, some advices for you:
  1. Please backup your system, including database
  2. Install a fresh one . not overwrite the old directory
  3. Make sure the css, javascripts locate in their correct place
  4. Maybe some plugins are not working now
  5. Please  learn how to use the new tags , if you already customized your pages brefore


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