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Where Can I Buy Yang He Da Qu (洋河大曲) White Wine?

Who can tell me where I can buy Yang He Da Qu(pinyin,洋河大曲)white wine?
I am looking for every supermarket , shopping mall, and CVS, but I find one. If you know, please tell me free.

What is Yang He Da Qu  white wine?
YangHeDaQu is one of eight famous brands of white wine in China, the eight famous brands include :
  • Yang He Da Qu (pinyin,洋河大曲,f rom Jiangsu Province)
  • Fen Jiu (pinyin, 汾酒,  from Shanxi province)
  • Mao Tai (pinyin, 茅台, from Guizhou province)
  • Lu Zhou Lao Jiao (pinyin, 泸州老窖特曲, from Sichun province)
  • Wu Liang Ye (pinyin, 五粮液, from Sichuan province)
  • Jian Nan Chun (pinyin, 剑南春, from Sichuan province)
  • Gu Jing Gong Jiu (pinyin, 古井贡酒, from Anhui province)
  • Dong Jiu (pinyin, 董酒 , from Guizhou province)
Is it one kind of Chinese culture?
Yes, Drinking white wine is a custom in China, and is famous around China. Now, many of Asian countries like Japan, Korea, are also drinking it. Drinking while wine are popular in many cases:wedding party, New-baby party, Departure Party , it  will be used for every kinds of parties.

That is all! You are the one CAN HELP ME?


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