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Where Are The Addons For FireFox

To my surprise, the addons for my firefox are disabled.
I always use Firefox replace of IE, because I like its design and UI.
Today, I opened firefox generally, then it informed me it has an updated version. good! updated it automatically. Reopen it, and I found the addons except for Google Toolbar don't work. I went to the menu and clicked Addons menu item, I found all disabled addons can uninstall only.
I tried to uninstall one of the addons, then restart it. it seemed not work.
Why? If one doesn't wok, I believe that it isn't compatible with FireFox. However, there is no notice for us. Is it not compatible or other reason?

BTW, the firefox is version, and before.

Updated: I did a research on it today. I first googled it and found nothing about it. Then I went to the profile document , is located at C:\documents and settings/yourname/application data/mozilla/Firefox/Profiles, I found the a file extensions.ini here. Then I opened file, the content is like below:

Extension0=C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\hrot9a3b.default\extensions\{C0D0F6D1-9FC9-4b0a-B485-D5E13AF40D51}

OK, explain it first. 
is the extension directory section.
Extension0 is the zero extension.Extension1 is the 1st ,Extension2the 2nd ,...
 C:\Documents and Settings\ ...... is the place extensions locate

Good, I knew why only Google Toolbar is working, then I added the others extensions into it. it is working now!

Why the data is interrupted? Firefox's upgrade do it?


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