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Where should you go in hot summer?

Good question! Where should you go in such a hot summer season? Different people have different answers.

OK, I will give my answer.

Today, the high temperature is up to 39 degree in Shanghai, and lasts for several  days, about 17 days, a long time for the citizens in Shanghai. According to the weather forecast, it will go on in next days.

Well, let’s move to our topic after finishing the introduction of the weather report.

Where should I go?

It should be answered in several cases.

If I have appointments with my friends, where should I attend it? Maybe home, it is not a good place for me, while good for others. Maybe coffee rooms are good, because air conditioner and the wireless network are free, of course, the coffee is not free.

Maybe teahouse is a good choice too. We Chinese like drink tea, like green tea, LongJin tea. There are so many teahouse in shanghai, but I don’t like them, because they are full with noise. I like the quiet place.

Besides for the choices mentioned above, any other choices? Yes, the answer is sports, which make you healthier. For us, we can spend less time taking exercise now! it is undoubted sports is the best choice. What sports fits for the hot day? They should be able to do in indoor.

If no appointment for you, where should I go? Shanghai library. I like Shanghai library, because there are many books. You can read what you want to. In shanghai, many people don’t have much time to read books, newspapers, or magazines, it is the right time for reading.

OK,  I have no appointment today, so I go to Shanghai library. And this article is written here,:)


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