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Where Is Microsoft YaHei In My Computer?

This article will introduce Microsoft YaHei font.

What is Microsoft YaHei font?
Obviously, if you enable it in you computer, most of case , you will be disappointed, because you can't find this font in your windows 2000 and XP system. It is certain it is built in Microsoft Vista.
Microsoft YaHei is a new type of font, and is common used in Vista computer. You can check out this url for more information about it.

How do I find Microsoft 2000 or XP  doesn't provide this font?
One day, I enabled it in my computer, and it seems so beautiful that  I  am using it  everywhere like MSN, Office. Then I chatted with Leafhhou , and asked her whether she can see the new effect. Her answer was no. I unbelieved it  and she feedbacked a screenshot, yes, she was right? At that time, I realized this font is not built-in.

How to enable it in XP system?
The simplest way is to download the font package and install it. Where is it? The direct way is google it ,you will find there many links, the detailed link is not mentioned here, sorry!

Why is the font enabled in my computer?
It also surprises me. Why ? And think it over several minutes? Maybe I find the reason. Since Microsoft word 2007 is installed , YaHei font is built-in in Office 2007.

How to get the best effect?
You will find the effect is not best if you only enable YaHei. Woow, is there any other tips? Yes, you are right. the core of the tips is ClearType. How to enable it? Just simple. Go to your windows Desktop, right-click Properties, then a dialog will pop up, click Appearance tab,click Effects button, then select ClearType item in the dropdown list for "Use the following method to smooth the edges of screen fonts".

OK, congrats you!


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