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Wikipedia Can Be Accessible Again

Wikipedia Chinese site can be accessible again. A big good news!

Wikipedia, is the best resource in the world , I think. And from when it is started to now, it can be accessed or blocked many times.

Actually, it can be accessible yesterday. I searched one term in English Wikipedia site, and then redirected to its corresponding Chinese page, to my surprise, the Chinese page can be visited again.
I remember I was very interested. Why? because I can learn much knowledge from it again.

Ever before, if the Wikipedia was opened,  it is sure it would be blocked in next days. Hopefully, it will be opened forever. There is much good terms, or is a free dictionary for us.

The last blocked is on Nov ,2005.  About 2 years passed, a long way!

In case of the block in future , how to access it ? Yes, we can visit it in special way. and  the way cannot be used by anyone. OK, how? please read the last  2nd post, which hints that way. Good luck! Email me if any problem!


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